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Not Just Another Staffing Company

We want IT Transformers to be your "go to" firm for any challening staffing needs. We believe that full-time employees should be hired by the company itself. That way, hiring managers can hire the best fit candidates to help support your unique culture. There are times, however, where there may be a challenging hire or you may need a temporary resource. IT Transformers will review and screen candidates by industry veterans. We start by first asking many questions to hone in on the real type of candidates needed. Then the industry veterans will screen candidates identified by our recruiters. This way we won't offer candidates that only have a few key words on their resumes but don't have real experience in the area that you need.

Follow-ups and Follow-Through

Once IT Transformers finds someone that is a good match, we don't just wave good luck and walk away. We will follow-up with the resouce and the hiring manager to ensure that things are going as expected. If there's extra support that we need to give to our resource or the hiring manager, we won't hesitate to do what's needed. We'll follow-up and follow-through to make sure that you are statisfied with our consultants.

Staffing Follow-Up
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Flexible and Business Focused

At our core, IT Transforers is here to support your business. We don't want to offer just a techincal resource and hope everything works out. We want to work with your organization to ensure that the true need is being met. Therefore, we will be flexible and looking to make sure that your business outcomes are met from our consultants.

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