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The Promise

In the last few years, nothing has captured the imagination of more people than the Internet of Things. The possibilities are endless and the idea of connecting the physical world with the cyber world is captivating. Indeed, many can intuitively see the possibilities of ambient intelligence to reduce costs, increase productivity and even increase our security.
In a simple and very common example for the home, just about anyone can now make sure that their doors are locked at a certain time at night...that appliances are turned off when they leave the house...and that they can see who walks up to their door in real-time when they aren’t at home. These are simple to set-up but incredibly powerful. They even give us extra peace of mind. That is, when everything is set up correctly, working well and the system is secure.

The Challenges

With consumer IOT, a home WiFi problem is a single source of failure for all these conveniences. For the Industrial IOT users, the issues are much more complex and potentially problematic. Just a few challenges business might face are:

  • Different data elements or data models from different devices that are sent as telemetry
  • How to ingest and analyze logs of devices to create an early warning system for problems
  • Connectivity instability that create unexpected outages
  • How to secure devices now connected to the internet

Along with our partners, we can use your Azure or AWS environment (along with recommended tools) to build scalable, secure and production-grade solutions. Additionally, your subject matter experts will know the specific business rules to implement to turn data into action; but, you may want extra help setting up the monitoring or analytics. Once set-up and running well, we can then work on creating machine-learning and AI-based processes to predict or anticipate what is needed based on your devices’ contextual awareness of their environment AND your historical data. Contact us to discuss where we can be most helpful in your IOT implementation.

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