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Database Design, Development and Maintenance

If your organization has been in business for any length of time, you know that it builds a large store of data from just daily operations. Add to that, other systems for different departments and even some small applications run by non-IT staff and you have a lot of pockets of data that need to be managed and secured.

IT Transformers have many years of experience in database design, development and management. So whether you need some extra DBA help or creating a new data strategy, we can help you out. We have over 75 combined years experience with SQL Server and over 111 with Oracle (even Oracle Financials). So we’ve pretty much seen it all and have the kind of practical, “boots on the ground” experience that can deal with any issues that come up. Our experience doesn’t stop there, we have alot of experience with Teradata, PostgreSQL, MySQL and even no-SQL databases.

Employees in your organization should focus on your core business. Ancillary or mundane tasks can and should be outsourced to free up those resources for more critical needs. Let IT Transformers handle administrative tasks like back-ups and disaster recovery. Whether its a cloud-based service or on-premise, we will work with your infrastructure staff to ensure that we comply with any security, compliance, and data retention rules.

Data Security

IT Transformers knows that your data is only valuable to you if its secure. IT Transformers has been entrusted with clients’ data throughout its history and we have maintained security to comply with various regulations including: HIPAA/HITECH, FERPA, and others

Security begins with appropriate roles and limiting their use. We realize that many people may need to get to some data, but typically not all and typically employees shouldn’t be able to change data. Typically, we work with organization to ensure most employees access data through organizations’ applications that have built-in safeguards.

For those exceptions that need access to databases, we create roles with less rights to begin with (e.g., read-only to non-identifiable data). We then work with our clients to identify only those who should have this access. Even read-only access should be given out sparingly due to someone’s ability to download many records with one query. Therefore, we work with the organization to mask and encrypt sensitive data and carefully vet requests for database access. This, however, is only scratching the surface. Please contact us to find out more.

Data Security

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