Data Conversions

Data Warehouse Intro

Conversion Challenges

Many times, organizations put off a needed upgrade due to their data. Either they are intimidated by the volume, complexity or known data issues. IT Transformers will do the heavy lifting and make it efficient and economical so your data doesn't stand in your way of a new system.

Neutral Party

When migrating to a new platform or system, you will often be required to make historical data available to the vendor or be told that the vendor does not deal with loading old data. This can be frustrating and problematic because the data history is just as valuable as data flowing into the new system. Often times a neutral vendor, like IT Transformers, is the best approach. Not only do we bring technical knowledge of multiple database systems, we also are experienced in transforming data from one platform to another while being careful to not lose the meaning in the process.

ETL Tools

Effective and Efficient

Without a large investment in expensive software licenses or a new tool, IT Transformers can use existing database tools to effectively and efficiently convert data and move it to the target system. Add to that, we can also address any historical data issues because we're not locked into to any particular toolset. This takes the complexity away from discussions and focuses the effort on what you need rather than what a software vendor wants to do within its scope of work.

In past engagements, we have converted entire systems from one database platform to another and from one architecture to another using the built-in scripting languages. The result is a much more affordable and quicker solution.

ETL Tool Conversions

ETL tools aren't always just for creating data warehouses. IT Transformers have also used these tools to migrate data and convert data for upgrades and platform changes. These tools can make it much quicker and easier in some cases. For example, Informactica has templates that can handle HL7, EDI X12 and even Cobol copybooks. The ETL tools that we use can also connect to any source and load to any source. Therfore, our experience can make it cheaper and more efficient to outsource your one-time conversion needs.


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