Cloud Migrations

Migration Analysis

Evaluation and Planning

Moving applications, infrastructure or databases to the cloud can have many advantages from many perspectives (e.g., administration, staffing and cost). However, there are considerations to think about like: migrating large amounts of data to the cloud, relying on a cloud vendor (in light of some high-profile outages), and setting up appropriate security to handle sensitive data and/or regulation compliance. Therefore, you need IT Transformers as a trusted partner to make sure the right decision is made and any migrations are handled appropriately.

While you have a main goal for considering migrating to the cloud (e.g., strategic direction, modernization of applications, or staff/cost savings), a number of factors need to be considered before making a final decision. IT Transformers will run through our assessment and evaluation process to make sure that all major factors are considered. We’ll provide the pros and cons and make a recommendation for a cloud vendor and overall plan. From there, it's your business decision whether to move forward.


While conceptually it may seem easy to move historical data from one place to another, the plan will ensure that important pieces are covered by IT Transformers so that you don’t have to worry about them. This includes initial set-up of the target environment that’s sized and provisioned appropriately to integrate with your applications (and identity management). Of course, roles and security access are key. So we will set up an appropriate security approach in the cloud environment. We also will make sure that testing is done appropriately to have confidence in the new database and - where possible - parallel operations are in place before shutting down the old database.

ETL Tools

The Hand-Off

Before handing off the newly migrated database, IT Transformers will provide any transition training needed. Additionally, we’ll understand your life cycle management tools (like Jira, Git, BitBucket, etc…) to ensure that the non-production environments are set up correctly so that changes can be migrated into production appropriately. Given that cloud migrations are “one off” items, it just makes sense for IT Transformers to supplement your staff for this work.

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