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In addition to working with the backend - database - side of organizations, IT Transformers has many years of experience in designing, implementing and operating large analytics systems. Over the years, our consultants played key roles in implementing and developing reports and dashboards using IBM Cognos, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, PowerBI and Tableau. Let IT Transformers jumpstart a new analytics effort in your business.

What's The Right Answer?

With the proliferation of new technologies and cloud services, there's more options than before. Generally that's a good thing. However, some of the tools are better at some functions than others.
Some tools are better for data exploration when your analyst are trying to uncover new relationships. Others are good for traditional "rows and columns" reports that need to be standardized. Still others are better for data visualizations and dashboards.
This creates alot of noise that might require hours of research and evaluation. Let IT Transformers cut through that noise and guide you to identify the tools that are custom tailored for your situation.

Chosoing the right tools
Analytics Stragegy

It's All About The Strategy

IT Transformers bring the experience and the knowledge to create an overall strategy for your business using your own data to drive business outcomes. From working with you data, we are able to deeply understand what really affects your business. Using "the truth of your data", we can analyze your business model to identify what's really driving your success (or challenges). Understanding your business from its data then sets up business-focused recommendations for tools, key performance indicators and other analytics that will support a better version of your business.

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